Have Issues With Permanent Makeup? Laser Can Fix It!

Permanent makeup is the new rage. More people are interested in procedures like microblading, which promise perfect makeup and eyebrows around the clock. While these procedures are generally safe and deliver on the expectations, things do get messy with inexperienced technicians and aestheticians. Many people end up with uneven or oddly-shaped eyebrows, while there have been reported cases where wrong pigments have been used. When it comes to fixing eyebrow corrections, thankfully there are solutions.

Deciding on the corrective work

If your microblading procedure has gone wrong, you may have to wait for the area to heal completely before corrective steps are taken. The extent of work involved in correction can be only determined when the skin has healed, and that can take about six weeks. If you have scabs, which is normal, do not try pick on the same. Before and after the procedure, try and avoid direct sun exposure, and if you have to step out in the sun, always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Knowing the correction process

Depending on whether you have misshaped brows or just pigment issues, the aesthetician will use laser to reshape the brows. This may sometimes mean just working on the shape, while in some cases, the entire pigment area can be removed using laser, so that you can grow back your natural brows. Keep in mind that all kinds of pigments used in microblading and permanent makeup can be altered or removed. Various factors determine the extent of pigment correction, like the depth of the link and colors used.

Things to know

While laser correction for microblading mistakes is effective, you have to be very careful with the choice of clinic. Select a clinic, where you can talk to the doctor or aesthetician in detail and have a realistic expectation of the procedure. You may have to go through a small test to check if the ink pigments are responding to the laser used. If a treatment plan is decided upon, there may be a few dos and don’ts to follow. For instance, certain medications must be avoided, and it is important to avoid foods or drugs that may thin your blood.

The cost of procedure depends on the corrective work, but you can expect to get an estimate in advance. With the right clinic, most issues with microblading can be fixed, but it all starts with an initial consultation on the problem.