Elderly Care Services in Kent

Caring for elderly loved ones can feel like a challenge, from practical considerations like safety, physical needs and medical care to the issue of dealing with the loneliness many older people can feel.

Here, we take a look at how live-in care could be one of the best elderly care services in Kent.

Why choose live-in care?

While some older people choose to move into residential facilities or sheltered accommodation where they can be surrounded by others, some prefer to live in their existing homes. This can present difficulties for those around them, as the upkeep of the home, as well as providing necessary care, can be overwhelming. Live-in care provides a skilled professional who can cover a range of needs round the clock.

Respite care

Even if you are usually the primary carer of an elderly loved one, it is likely that sometimes you will simply need to take some time away. Whether for work or to relax and rejuvenate, this is an important step in giving your loved one your best at other times. Respite care provides a live-in care worker on a temporary basis.

Does live-in care have a time limit?

The good thing about live-in care is that it can be adapted for your needs. So if your loved one only requires this a couple of days a week, this can be arranged. On the other hand, full-time live-in care is also available.

What does live-in care cover?

Live-in care can cover a range of requirements, from help with personal care and medication management to support during trips outside. This can also cover shopping for someone, providing household help with cleaning and tidying, or just being a listening ear and friendly face during lonely moments. While your elderly loved one may require more support over time, such as complex care, this is a good way to provide help without taking away their valued independence and beloved home environment.

What if practical care is not needed?

Some people don’t require the practical care that a live-in carer would typically provide, but they do need a break from isolation. Either as a live-in carer or on a more ad-hoc basis, a carer could provide companionship on holidays, for appointments, or just for spending time talking and developing new hobbies and interests.

As we grow older, we still require comfort, compassion and companionship. With the right care, your elderly loved ones can enjoy their lives and avoid feelings of isolation and worry, thanks to live-in care in Kent. A live-in carer has the expertise in everything from medication and physical needs to emotional support – which could prove to be as valuable to you as it is to your loved one.